About us

At some point or another, pretty much everyone who wants their own home will have to apply for a lender. According to statistics, less than 1% of all buyers can actually pay straight away. The huge amounts of money being floated on a daily basis might represent the aspect that makes the real estate industry such a prolific one. All in all, if you are looking for a lender, you are in the right place. We know how daunting it is to move from one company to another, get a quote and go through all the terms and conditions – it can take weeks or even months.

Our company is specialized in real estate consultancy – mostly the financial part of it. We focus on educating people on what to do, how to find the right lender and what kind of aspects to pay attention to. After all, when you deal with such amounts of money, you better make sure you understand every single term or condition in your contract. A simple mistake can cost you a fortune in the long run. The process itself is not such a nightmare, but the paperwork park makes it look quite comprehensive. This is when we kick in to make your life easier.

Apart from providing free valuable advice to our readers, we also offer one on one consultancy. We have also designed a mortgage calculator that can give you exclusive insights about what you can get based on multiple factors – your household income, current expenses and so on. Our calculator clears the hassle for you and sends you in the right direction. Not only can you save money, but you will also save plenty of time. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you experience any problems or you have questions.